Executives Must Prepare To Aid Coming AI Transformation by Dean Madison


Throughout history, automation has been accompanied by concern for those who will be automated out of a job. Perhaps the most famous example is the protests against the Jacquard Loom, which introduced the punch card to weaving and threatened to automate the work of skilled weavers. The weavers, who wore heavy wooden clogs called sabots, went on strike, giving us the word sabotage. However, the impact of the Jacquard Loom was not as straightforward as the workers anticipated. Textile prices went down because of reduced production costs, sales increased, the industry boomed, and there was more work for weavers than before. Automation does not simply replace workers, but it does transform the economy. Some types of work will become obsolete. And workers will require different skill sets to work with automated processes. The leading drivers of automation in 2019 are not punch cards and weaving machines but artificial intelligence (AI)....

August 28, 2019
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