EU cookie tracking directive deadline approaches


On the 26th May* the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)) will impose an EU directive designed to protect Internet users’ privacy.  As I saidlast year, European websites will have to police their own cookies but what about third-party cookies from advertisers? This will be more problematic to regulate under the European privacy law. The EU Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) also wants an “icon” or “logo” on adverts that when clicked shows the data that is being transmitted. A recent study (released to the media today) of the UK’s 50 most visited websites found that 68% of the tracking analysed belonged to third-parties, usually advertisers, rather than the site’s owner.  This just confirms what I said above and back in May of last year. It’s worth pointing out that it’s not illegal to track, it’s what you do with the tracking data that may have legal consequences.  It’s worth reiterating that from 26th May this year, website admins will need to tell people that the cookies are there; explain what the cookies are doing; and obtain visitors’ consent to store a cookie on their device. Read more...

April 18, 2012
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