Ethical Hacking Best Practices: 9 Excellent Hacking Tools Used by Professionals by Deep Moteria


Ethical hacking is increasingly becoming a famous phrase used in the IT industry. The security vulnerabilities are getting exposed each passing day, and protecting data and tools from potential attacks; it becomes crucial to use counter attempts. Ethical hacking is one of them. Call them white hat hackers, pen testers, legal hackers, or anything else, ethical hackers are smart enough to find flows in the security of an organization and suggest measures to keep them secure. What is Ethical Hacking? Ethical hacking uses the same hacking concepts as used in hacking done with malicious intentions. However, the change of interest makes all the difference. While unethical hacking focuses on finding loopholes in security and benefitting from stealing information from the system, ethical hacking focuses on discovering and sealing these holes to prevent unethical hacking. The pen testers (comes from penetration testing[1]) are the professionals who are experts in hacking systems.....

February 25, 2020
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Williams Rose
Williams Rose
5 months ago

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2 years ago

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John Carter
John Carter
4 years ago

Great article, Loved it! Thanks for sharing…

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