Engaging Social Engineering: Extracting Information through Strategic Interactions


Editorial note: We decided to remove any and all last names from the examples section as to not be drawn into any potential legal disputes. In the place of any last names, you will find “*****” Throughout this process, it is important to exercise restraint; failure may result in a backfire of your own method. The method aims to anger or cause great sadness in the target and extract information. Remember, it's not illegal to gaslight or purposefully annoy the threat actor. It is crucial to approach this technique responsibly, ensuring that the methods are employed with good OPSEC and skill. By employing these aggressive social engineering tactics, you can potentially gather key details about the target's operations, infrastructure, and, potentially, even their associates. However, it is essential to emphasize that this approach should only be utilized within a safe working environment and with thorough understanding of the potential consequences....

May 18, 2023


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