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The increasing amount of the accumulated and processed data makes the data security one of the key question for any organization. The data stored, belonging to a company are more and more often exposed to negative actions, for example they can bedestroyed, counterfeited or stolen. That's why data security is not only a necessity due to legal regulations - it can become a source of competition supremacy.

The Internet development as well as the continual companies IT development caused numerous incidents connected with data security violence. The hackers' attacks, computer viruses, industrial espionage are just a few examples of intrusive actions, which expose the organizations to the their reputation as well as to financial losses.

Thus data security is becoming a great challenge for managers. They are forced to use more and more advanced tools and solutions to comply with the evaluating business demands. Though, money turns out to be an inexpugnable barrier. As the „2013 TMT Global Security Study”, carried out by Deloitte company, shows, nearly half of the companies lack money for data security in their budget. Their expectations can be fulfilled by e-Audit project, which is being created thanks to European Union co-financing. The financial means are taken from the European Fund for Regional Development.

e-Audit is a service allowing companies to carry out automatic audit of accordance to ISO/IEC 27001 standard. The data security audit, conformed to ISO/IEC 27001 standard aims at checking the conformance of the existing data security management system to the standard recommendation.

Up till now conducting conformance audits has been offered only by companies employing specialized auditors, who completed their task in a time-consuming and not automatic way. These services are very expensive, thus not available for many companies, especially due to current economic situation.

e-audit is the first service in European market, conducting conformance audits in an automatic way. This innovational e-service is possible thanks to the use of the most modern expert systems and illative modules based on artificial intelligence questions. it allows to minimize the audit time and costs.  As result of conducting the accordance to ISO/IEC 27001 standard audit, the discrepancies or lacks in the data security level will be found and the system will propose corrective actions.

There is no doubt that e-Audit comprises a innovative product worldwide. It can completely change the companies' attitude towards the data security management. Its noticeably lower price and much shorter audit time in comparison to traditional services give virtually every company the opportunity to check the conformance of its data security system. The project is currently being executed and the service will be available in the second quarter of the year 2013.


February 4, 2013
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