Dynamic SQLIA Detection with PHP


Introduction We’re going to discuss a dynamic approach to detect an SQL Injection Attack (SQLIA) based on a static pattern matching algorithm. As we know, SQL injection attacks are malicious techniques that target your database using manipulated statements. What the proposed algorithm does is compare SQL statements with prepared static patterns and makes a decision according to the comparison result. In this paper, three basic SQL injection patterns are considered to be detected by the pattern matching algorithm. This algorithm has been implemented with PHP codes. Pattern (String) Matching Algorithms Simply, pattern matching algorithms, in the computer field of study, search shorter strings inside a longer one. There are numerous string-matching algorithms that are looking for the count and place of a given special pattern inside a longer string. For example, we can enumerate Naive Pattern Searching Algorithm (NPSA), Rabin-Karp Algorithm (RKA) and Aho-Corasick String Matching Algorithm (ACSMA); each one....

April 6, 2023
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