WORDPRESS Hacking Workshop


Download FileWPHandSM Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Hacking started as a prank in MIT and grew into a different thing. Earlier hacking was a way to showcase your ninja skills. Nowadays, it has grown to an easy and illegal money making method. Hackers use hacked websites, databases for spamming purposes, selling user information like social security numbers, credit card details and other stuff in underground markets and private forums. Moreover, hacking is done to show-off or as a part of cyber war between different countries. This e-book contains text materials from the course. Module 1 Tutorial 1: WordPress Fingerprinting So let’s get started Method 1: The meta tag Method 2: Silly Little mistakes Method 3: Tools a) WpScan b) whatweb Tutorial 2: Basics of most Popular Attacks Index Browsing Login Details Simple/Traditional Brute Force Dictionary Attack Vulnerable Plugins Tutorial 3 How WpScan Work  Module 2 Coding Facts....

April 19, 2022
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