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Dear Hakin9 followers:

This month we have decided to devote the current issue to Nmap. Some of you have most likely used Nmap sometime or another, while others use it on a daily basis for network discovery and security auditing. Besides those functions, there are many more useful options that come with this utility. Our authors have attempted to extensively describe what can be done with Nmap and how it can be done. This month: Ali Hadi will take you on a journey through Nmap – from basic to advanced techniques. While David Harrison and Sherri Davidoff will discuss network forensics. Avery Buffington will describe the different techniques in Nmap, Ncat, and Nping. Sahil Khan will give you a detailed description of Nmap and its most important features. While Matthew Conley will give you an overview of when to use Nmap and what vulnerabilities can be observed.

We hope that you will enjoy reading this issue as much as the authors enjoyed writing their articles.

Come on and Get Hakin9!

NOTE: This issue is available in both .pdf and .epub formats and has been compressed into a .rar file.


August 28, 2014

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Myrddin Emrys
Myrddin Emrys
9 months 5 days ago
This article is a _masterpiece_ I have been struggling to get to grips with DICKS for some time now and with this expose I’ve managed to penetrate new areas. However, it is important to point out one particular error the authors made: “Had we prototyped our heterogeneous cluster, as opposed to simulating it in courseware, we would have seen degraded results.” This is not neccesarily true. In general prototyping a heterogeneous cluster CAN lead to degraded results but only if you’re running the older version of SCO on your PDP-11 (as they apparently were). Using the newer Alpha hardware running… Read more »