Download FileHakin9_TBO_06_2013.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Dear Readers,  The publication you are going to read is a summary of our work in 2013. We decided to provide you with the two most burning and interesting subjects – Exploiting (published last week in The Best of Hakin9 2013 Exploting and Hacking, addressed in this issue. There are 26 articles inside. We divided them into the following sections: Advanced C++ Code Analysis, Offensive Python, QR Codes Hacking, Malware, Kali Linux, Mobile Hacking, BIOS Security, Offensive Programming and Android Hacking As you can see, we collected the best articles on hacking so that you could sum up the year you spent with our magazine. We would be more than pleased if you could share your opinion on this passing year, on your experiences with our team, views on the content we published, ideas you would like to introduce if you were....

April 19, 2022
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Walter Adhao
7 years ago

Why can’t I see the download link even after signing in with my google account? This is really a good document that I would like to have in pdf. Please help me download it, or if you could please email it to me I’d really appreciate it.

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