Step by Step Guide to Learning Python


Download FileHakin9_EN_TBO_02_2014.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Dear Readers, We would like to introduce a special The BEST OF  issue made by Hakin9. This time will deal with Python. The articles we published are not only for hacker but also will help you program in Python. Moreover, we added some articles on C++. You will learn how to conduct an audit using C++ Code analysis. You can compare it with offensive programming with Python. For sure after reading our step-by-step tutorials you will become a professional auditor with must-have knowledge about Python programming. You will get to know how to analyze source code to find vulnerabilities which will help you to protect your websites and applications. This time you will a reach section Extra articles about Payment Cards, Hardware Hacking and Evidence Analysis. Enjoy reading, Ewa & Hakin9 Team If you want to buy this magazine click....

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Abel Chipepe
7 years ago

Hi, this is Chipepe from Angola. I sent you an email and would like to put my hands on this issue. How many pages is the magazine.

I am going back to my village next month and I hope I get it by them.

I think it has some nice topics, I am not a newbie with Python or C but I can always leverage from this content.

Sudip Banerjee
8 years ago

Hi, I want to buy this particular issue. How much its cost can you email me?

Bu Ddo
8 years ago


Abdoul DiXie
8 years ago

Hi wat sap

8 years ago

hello, how much is it cost to buyonly this one issue?

8 years ago
Reply to  lexx13

Send me an email to get it.

8 years ago


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