Download FileActionHakin9_04_2013.rarDownload  Download Dear Readers, Welcome to this very special issue of Hakin9. For the second time we will be touching a very controversial subject – scanning with nmap. Last year we published an issue on nmap which made the whole Internet boil and this time we’re going to do it again. We are going to suprise everyone with plethora of fascinating content that will make your head spin. In this month’s edition, Aamir Lakhani, Andrew Brooker, Daniel Renaud, Andrey Mosktvitin, Nathan Swaim and Justin Hutchens will show you why nmap is The Right Tool for job. Andrew Jones, Evan Francen, Jake Wylezek, James Tan and Joshua Cornutt will teach how to use The Swiss Army Knife of Network Discovery and how not to cut yourself with it, while Branden Paul, Sergio Castro, Tony Lee and Peter Harmsen are going to show you few advanced tricks. Special mention goes to....

April 19, 2022
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Wayne Embrey
7 years ago

$700 is a bit steep, maybe Dr. chaos should have made a disclaimer that the information has a price tag.

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