Download File4749-modsecurity-sample-chapter-3-performance-ModSecurity-2.5-book.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download ModSecurity 2.5 By Magnus Mischel Publisher: Packt 30% DISCOUNT for Hakin9 WHOLE SUBSCRIBERS!!! Add the eBook to the shopping cart on the Packt website. Eenter the THE CODE: ‘opbgsms‘ in the ‘Enter Promotion Code’ field. Then Click ‘Add Promotional Code’ and the discount will be applied. Description A complete guide to using ModSecurity, this book will show you how to secure your web application and server, and does so by using real-world examples of attacks currently in use. It will help you learn about SQL injection, cross-site scripting attacks, cross-site request forgeries, null byte attacks, and many more so that you know how attackers operate. Overview of ModSecurity 2.5 Secure your system by knowing exactly how a hacker would break into it Covers writing rules in-depth and Modsecurity rule language elements such as variables, actions, and request phases Covers the....

April 19, 2022
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