Mastering in Intrusion Detection System [SNORT]


Download FileHakin9_W7 (1).pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Mastering in Intrusion Detection System Snort Workshop by Raheel Ahmad. You will learn how to work with iptables to integrate with SNORT and how to Installing & configuring the intrusion detection system as per your network requirement. Welcome to the workshop, in the first module we will be talking about what actually intrusion detection and prevention systems are and what role they play in these days of information security and increase in the events of hacking. We will also explore the types of these two systems and will also demonstrate Snort as an Intrusion detection System. Mastering in Intrusion Detection System [SNORT]- Table of Content - Download  If you are not a subscriber and want to buy this magazine click here If you want to gain more advanced knowledge and learn how to use in practice Snort, check this eBook: Snort....

April 19, 2022
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