IoT and Raspberry Pi Hacker's Toolkit Preview


Download FileIoT and Raspberry Pi Hacker's Toolkit preview.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Dear readers, The presence of IoT devices in our lives is getting more and more visible each day. Watches, lights, cars, cameras, doorbells, locks – every smart device is a potential target of a hacker’s attack. That is why we decided to dedicate our September issue to the topic of IoT hacking and to focus on a more offensive approach, using the fan favourite Raspberry Pi! Let’s dive into it! We’re starting off with a great article Hacking IoT with IoT, in which Dan Dieterle explains how to attack an office building security camera system with Raspberry Pi. Later on we have IoT Bug Bounty 101 – this article can serve as a guide for those of you, who want to start penetration testing on IoT devices.  In Device and Network Based Attacks the....

March 17, 2022


Magdalena Jarzębska
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