Download FileINSECURE_ACCESS_CONTROL_hakin9_06_2011.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Latest News From the IT Security World by Armando Romeo, eLearnSecurity ID Theft Protect A Hole in Your Access Control!  by Ali Al-Shemery  A couple of days ago I was called out to a do a security audit on a company’s internal network security and its access control. The audit was asked to be done on a specific day that the company chose.The reason behind that was to ensure I get no interference from their Network/System Administrator. I will not go through the audit process itself but will show and prove to you how even a well-secured network could be brought (hacked) down by a single mistake, and why implementing access controls then auditing them is an important factor to ensure their effectiveness. PSN Hack Where Risk Management and Reality Collide  by Simon Walker and Javvad Malik  There have been....

April 19, 2022
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