Download FileHakin9_EN_05_2014_new.pdfHakin9_EN_05_2014.epub Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Dear Readers, Just short summing up as it is summer time, and all of us need to have time for some fun. In the July issue of Hakin9 Magazine, you have a chance to learn about the Hybrid Analysis – NextGen Technology for Advanced Malware. What is more, our expert will teach you how to install and use GpG4win encryption software. You will read about this tool, its components and see the brief description about how asymmetric encryption works. Table of Contents   Beyond SIEM – Go for the Real Thing by Juergen Kolb Encrypting Email Communications Using GpG4win – A Beginners Guide (Part 1) by Nihad Hassan Hackers Targets Industries and Infrastructures Cyber Terror for Mega Industries by Sathram Shivakumar Hybrid Analysis – NextGen Technology for Advanced Malware by Jan Miller IPv6 The Future of Data Protection by Nevalennyy Alexander CISO Running....

April 19, 2022
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