BitCoin A Secure Coin
by David Montero
„In this article we will know where bitcoins come from, their future, how to get them, what can we do with them, and most importantly, how to protect them.”

BitCoin – how it works
by Jeremy Lichtman

„BitCoins are a fascinating experiment in economics – a field that generally doesn’t have much room for real world experimentation. Whether it succeeds in the marketplace or not isn’t as important as the kinds of lessons that we can learn from it. „

Mining – tutorial for rookies miners
by Marcelo Henrique Aguiar Marques

One of the most desirable aspect of internet’s currency, Bitcoin, is the way it is produced. Very differently from most currencies, where the power and decision to make more money are held on the hands of central and commercial banks along with governmental interests, the bitcoin system has a very open and decentralized production where most home and game computers are capable to join the activity known as bitcoin mining.

How to secure Bitcoin
by Sebastian Woźniak

“We can create a Flash Drive with Linux based operating system to keep our Bitcoin’s safe.
To create that, we need a Flash Drive with a minimum capacity of 1GB(but I recommend a bigger one, for example 16GB, we must remember , in this system will download block content of approximately 300MB and block index of approximately 120MB) and TinyCore Install CD.”

PayPal is a scam! – Interview with Amirem Taaki and Patrick Strateman.
„Recently 77 milions accounts on Sony Playstations have been hacked, and with those creditcards details people can spend the money. If they had used bitcoins that wouldn’t have happened…” – says Amir Taaki and Patrick Strateman from bitcoin developers team in the interview given too Hakin9.

Bitcoin in your hand – Interview with Doug Feigelson from Bitbill team.
„I think Bitcoin really needs Bitbills in order to succeed. Wherever people are using bitcoins, I’d anticipate seeing Bitbills in the same ecosystem.” – says Doug Feigelson from Bitbills developers team in the interview given too Hakin9.

Bitcoin online and off-line opportunities for commerce
by Ed Hertzog

„If you are planning on integrating Bitcoin into your online shop, you probably know most of the benefits of Bitcoin. Although many people may already know about Bitcoin’s lack of need for a central authority, and its ability to bypass slow, expensive, insecure, and cumbersome payment networks built during the 20th century, not many technologists know about all of the various ways a Bitcoin based commerce solution may be implemented, either offline or online.”

Bitcoin – Destined to Fail
by Rebecca Wynn

„Security is not built into the Bitcoin system, and the system does not actively protect users from themselves. It is destined to fail.”


April 19, 2022
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