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Using Amazon AMI for cracking the WPA2 wifi hack
by Bruno Rodrigues
This article is about how we can effectively hack Wi­Fi networks WPA2 protected in an efficient way.

Windows Registry Forensics (WRF) with Volatility Framework. Beginners Guide
by Kapil Soni
This is guide especially for beginners who wants to learn about Windows Registry Forensics. Throughout this book you will learn how to do forensics and investigate Windows Registry.

15 Steps to Hacking Windows Using Social Engineering Toolkit and Backtrack 5
by Matias Iacobizio
This article aims to demonstrate fundamental Social Engineering principles and to present Social Engieneering Attacks techniques, such as Site Cloner. Social Engineering Toolkit are presented and. The final phase is to analyze their results.

How to send and receive emails securely?
by Thanglalson Gangte
Your account can get hacked, someone may be sniffing your traffic through MITM attack, or intelligence agencies might be snooping. What can you do?

How to reveal the hidden code behind a Steganography with the help of magic numbers
by Nicks Sarang
Steganography is the art and science of encoding hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message. Steganography includes the concealment of information within computer files.

VoIP Hacking Techniques
by Mirko Raimondi
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a newer technology that allows phone conversations to be transferred over the computer networks, it transforms analog and digital audio signals in data packets.

Kali Linux Primer
by Chad Oliver
Kali Linux is the latest version of the BackTrack Linux penetration testing, security auditing, and forensics distribution. It is based on Debian and comes ready to go with all the tools you need to begin an information security engagement.

Intricacies of Multi-Threading in Java
by Sumith Kumar Puri
Multi-Threading in Computer Science represents a very intriguing topic, even after years of research and development for high quality, robust and efficient software. With equal emphasis on hardware improvements and the software that runs on it – we have newer paradigms for parallelism. The most important yet basic concepts are the ones which I present here. I then explain the intricacies of multi-threading in the Java Programming Language. Some of these are newer features and supported only from the Java Platform Standard Edition 5.0. Let us start with a quick overview and understanding of the core concepts.


January 26, 2016

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