HAKIN9 OPEN: How To Use Metasploit For Security Defense


Download File1412252488wpdm_Hakin9_Open_1_2013.zip Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Dear Hakin9 Readers, This month we publish Hakin9 OPEN for the first time. Please have a look at this new-born issue which we want to be a free of charge periodical supporting Hakin9, Hakin9 Extra, Hakin9 OnDemand and Hakin9 Exploiting Software. The idea of creating this additional issue is to present how wide is the scope of practical knowledge from IT security field covered in Hakin9 Issues. We want to show the advantages of reading them to those who are not our regular readers yet. Inside this issue you will find the best articles on leading topics included in the forthcoming Hakin9 Magazines. We have prepared a set of interesting articles provided by experts. Shane R. Spencer, the specialist in IT administration and programming, writes about the usage of Socat and Wireshark for practical SSL protocol reverse engineering. Justin C. Klein....

August 20, 2021
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