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Hakin9 Open - How to become a hacker.pdf

Dear readers,

Due to popular demand we decided to prepare a special issue dedicated to those of you that seek an answer to the ultimate question: “How to become a hacker?”.

When you refer that question to Google you get an astonishing number of 360,000 results, each promising to make you a cybersecurity expert. Among those are such beauties as “How To Become a Hacker - EPIC HOW TO“, “How to Become a Hacker: 12 Steps (with Pictures)”, and “How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes -- Or In 140 Characters Or Less“. The first is a video, the second’s a WikiHow article, and the third is a Dark Reading post about a cybersecurity awareness campaign from 2010. We thought about it long and hard, and decided to take another route to give you answers - plural, because there is no single correct one.

We invited 13 specialists from cyber security and hacking fields to join this project. They answered more than 20 questions about hacking, chosen by us from the dozens we get every day. They presented their opinions and experience. They made lists of their favorite online communities and resources.

While reading this issue you will learn what is the best tool for hackers. Is Kali Linux truly the best OS for your hacking career? What about programming? Is it truly that important to have this skill while becoming a hacker? All of that and more, from 13 different points of view, can be found in this issue.

Happy Holidays!

Hakin9 Magazine’s

Editorial Team

This magazine is free to download, just register as a  free user and enjoy your reading! 

Experts featured in the issue:

Luis Borralho

Security Administrator At A2it

Aditya Balapure

Senior Application Security Engineer With Grubhub

Andrea Santese

Penetration Tester

Anthony Caldwell

Cyber Security Analyst

Cory Miller

Principal Vulnerability Detection Analyst

Khaled Sakr

Information Security Engineer At Security Meter

Raj Chandel

Director Of Ignite Technologies And The Founder Of Hackingarticles.in

Rex Aantonny

Founder And Chief Executive Officer At Rex Cyber Solutions

Suleman Malik

Cyber Security Analyst

Tom Madsen

IT Specialist At United Nations

Shane Rudy

Senior Security Consultant

Louay Saleh

Information Security Manager

Miriam Wiesner

Premier Field Engineer For Security

This magazine is free to download, just register as a free user and enjoy your reading! 

Hakin9 Open - How to become a hacker.pdf

April 19, 2022
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3 years ago

Permission denied for me too.

3 years ago

Permission denied for me too.

3 years ago

Super, dziekuje!!

3 years ago

where i’m getting a cloudflare firewall error?please send me a copy to [email protected]

4 years ago

I get an error message when trying to download. Please can you email me the newsletter directly.

Albino Laginski Jr.
4 years ago

Thank You

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4 years ago

I got permission denied error message

Maginta Fobes
5 years ago

Hi is it possible that I could get this issue emailed to me, because the link does not work?

Yassine Cherifi
6 years ago

Thanks a lot it has everything I was wondering about thanks again

Anas Abbas Kamboh
6 years ago

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Freaked Out
6 years ago

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says permission denies or something

6 years ago

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6 years ago

There is an issue with the download it says permission – denied

Kshitij Sachdeva
7 years ago

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Chetan Hajare
6 years ago

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7 years ago

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7 years ago

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7 years ago

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7 years ago

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7 years ago

I am unable to download the document. The download stops after 3MB indicating Network Error. I did it many time and still get the same error. Need Help

7 years ago
Reply to  Hakin9 TEAM

Hi Marta,
I saw the email with the attached file. Thanks a lot. I just finished the downloading

7 years ago

Thank you!

Kongd Dechw
7 years ago

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7 years ago

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