1. Secure memory stick
by Amit Mishra
Secure USB flash drives protect the data stored on them from access by unauthorized users. USB flash drive products have been on the market since 2000, and their use is increasing exponentially. As both consumers and businesses have increased demand for these drives, manufacturers are producing faster devices with greater data storage.
An increasing number of portable devices are used in business, such as laptops, notebooks, universal serial bus (USB) flash drives, personal digital assistants (PDAs), advanced mobile phones, and other mobile devices.

2. Trojan-izing USB sticks
by Gerasimos Kassaras
Nowadays most of us have a USB flash drive (sometimes also referred to as a USB stick, USB memory stick, or simply a flash drive) that we use when we want to store data temporarily. They are really small and lightweight and are very practical when you want to move files from one computer to another.

3. Creating a Successful BYOD Security Blueprint
by Robert Keeler
A new wave of digital devices are becoming the employee data access tools of choice. Tablets and smart phones have greatly enhanced efficiency, increased mobility, and have augmented productivity in the professional and personal lives of the employees who use them. The benefits are fueling a race to enable these personally owned digital devices in the enterprise environment.    But are these devices safe for the companies that allow them?

4. How to manage storage devices in a company?
By David jardin
USB drives are very handy and only few people are aware of the potential dangers they possess. According to a recent study, two-thirds of European organizations have been the target of USB device theft that led to the loss of confidential data. This situation is due to the lack of security policy and controls about removable devices and the unawareness of end users about the risks such drive use brings to the company.

5. Mobile Security
by Miroslav Ludvik and Michal Srnec
These days, we are able to observe  the change from an Internet society to a mobile society. More and more people use smart phones to access  information. Nowadays, mobile devices are an important part of our everyday lives, as they provide different forms of connectivity such as GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, growth of these mobile devices is very closely coupled with the growth of malware.  Therefore, this kind of mobile devices may now look like an ideal candidate for hackers.

6. How to protect pen drive from virus in PC
by Vikas Kumar
Nowaday’s pen drive has become as mandatory to have whether you have a PC or not., In the early days pen was only thing which we carry but now time has changed along with that we all tend to carry Pen Drive.
What is a Pen Drive? Now this question comes into our mind. Actually a pen drive is a device which contains a chip (memory) which store all the data in it or we can call it a removable Hard Disk.

7. Interviev
by Elena Gredasova
In this issue of Haking9 Mobile we have an interview with Alexander Raspopov who is an expert in IT security at the Positive Research Center. In the company Alexander performs research on information security and reverse engineering.


April 19, 2022
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