A study of a Botnet creation process and the impact of a DDoS attack against a web server
by Stavros N. Shaeles and Ioannis D. Psaroudakis

Over the following paragraphs we are going to describe in steps, the procedure of setting up a botnet in order to execute our DDoS attack. The purpose of building such a botnet is to use it as a penetration platform for stress testing a server.

ZeuS Botnet
by Rick Messier

While security professionals have been working hard to keep up with security fixes and coding practices, those with malicious intent haven’t been resting on their laurels. The every-present analogy of the cold war arms race is appropriate. You’ve probably read the headlines about the number of bank accounts that have been stolen. Being a criminal using computers has probably never been easier than it is right now.

Botnet That Dial Home
by Itzik Kotler

Botnet that call home are nothing to write about, but botnet that dial home are. VoIP security is not only about exploiting vulnerabilities, cracking accounts, and eavesdropping. It’s also about remote controlling a computer, extracting data, and having an alternative access to the Internet. The very same technology that makes VoIP so flexible and enabling – can be turned around and used by hackers.

Botnet, the right hand of the criminals!
by Orlando Pivi

The Botnet is a series of computer infected (now called zombies) that they can be used for malicious intentions as DDoS attack, spam campaings and others. Hackers also steal private information and data from their victims by fake log-in pages and other kind of malwares.

Botnets for Fun and Profit
by Scott Everard

The internet recreational sandbox started off as a social hangout for bored teens, computer science and engineering students, as well as savvy intellectuals with too much time on their hands (hackers) and it has emerged as a profit-driven environment for criminals

Social Network Security
by Mubashir Ismail CISSP, CISA, CISM

With the advancement of the technology, especially in the internet and telecom sector, social networking is becoming one of the key areas to connect with other people and share information. These communication tools and technology provides a mechanism for free information flow and people access this information through mobile devices, websites and various applications.

What is a botnet
by Anuj Soni

Of course, any network connected resource could be put in the cross-hairs. The “distributed” nature of a DDoS attack means that there are multiple sources of the attack. This minimizes the likelihood that any single host can be singled out as the perpetrator, and it also makes it more difficult for the victim to block the offending traffic. The architecture of a botnet lends itself very well to this kind of attack, as botnets are typically geographically dispersed, and so they cover a large range of subnets and IP addresses.

Top 10 iPhone Security Tips
by Kunjan Shah

Although vulnerabilities identified against iOS make all the users equally vulnerable, there are certain vulnerabilities that only target jailbroken iPhones. For example the Dutch Ransom worm targeted users with the default SSH password on jailbroken iPhones. Thus, using a jailbroken device may increase your risk.


April 19, 2022
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