Download FileHakin9_EXTRA_Forensic_03_2011.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Basic Forensics Analysisby Marc-Andre Meloche Digital Forensics is mostly like the movies, the main aspect is to gather evidence or digital footprints which will help you understand any digital crimes that might have occurred inside your organization. This is used in most cases related to computer crimes. New crime vectors are now implicating the use of computers mostly. It is important now to include computers as a main possible tool for suspects Mobile Digital Forensics Cover Your ASSets (CYA)by Rebecca WynnContrary to what we wish, mobile digital forensics is made easy because we as individual like to think that no one is ease dropping, shoulder surfing, watching us type in our passwords, taking out our SIM card and copying it while we are with the boss/in the bathroom/heating up lunch, etc. This article goal is to help you see that it....

April 19, 2022
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