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Download FileHakin9_Mobile_Security_01_20122.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download The Mobile Wallet and E-Commerce Payment Systems: Ensuring Seamless Security and Mobility by Carla Hough Due to the increase use of smartphones and tablets by consumers, merchants and corporate clients, the banking industry, network companies and retailers are uniquely positioned to offer its customers an array of mobile payment options that will be easy to use, convenient and secure. This paper explores the elements necessary to introduce innovative mobile payment (mobile wallet) services to increase profitability and further monetize the electronic marketplace (eMarketplace). To ensure its success, customers expect retailers, financial services and network providers to guarantee seamless security and mobility. When customers understand and are assured that their personal and financial information is secure; they will be more likely to adopt mobile wallet transaction services. Tag: You’re Infected! by Tim Klup The internet is a dangerous place. We (as....

April 19, 2022
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