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The Mobile Wallet and E-Commerce Payment Systems: Ensuring Seamless Security and Mobility
by Carla Hough
Due to the increase use of smartphones and tablets by consumers, merchants and corporate clients, the banking industry, network companies and retailers are uniquely positioned to offer its customers an array of mobile payment options that will be easy to use, convenient and secure. This paper explores the elements necessary to introduce innovative mobile payment (mobile wallet) services to increase profitability and further monetize the electronic marketplace (eMarketplace). To ensure its success, customers expect retailers, financial services and network providers to guarantee seamless security and mobility. When customers understand and are assured that their personal and financial information is secure; they will be more likely to adopt mobile wallet transaction services.

Tag: You’re Infected!
by Tim Klup
The internet is a dangerous place. We (as Information Security people) have known this for a while and general users are learning more and more about how malicious web sites can steal your information. As mobile computing enables unique interactions with technology, new security risks arise. With the growing use of QR (Quick Response) Codes our data is becoming available to a format that users do not usually equate with Information Security: Print Media. QR Codes allow content providers, marketing gurus and cyber criminals to jump from a printed page to executing content on your mobile
device. In this article we are going to examine how QR Codes can be used to realize threats facing our mobile devices by examining three attack vectors.

Lawful Interception on Mobile Telecom Service
by Ted Chao
For the past few years, IP network transformation is shaping into a new operation and management on telecommunication for lots of mobile and fixed net service providers in the world. Along with this trend, the technology of lawful interception by police, military intelligence and other law enforcement agencies is also being developed with great leaps and bounds thanks to IP network being extensively used in telecom service providers.

The Line That Matters
by Abhinav Chourasia
How often in real life do we ignore the little things that come and go in a swift blink of our eyes? And of course we are social beings. We always strive for the practical application of the theory that says love and help thy neighbour. And why not, as society literally means a civilization where in people co-exist, HELPING EACH OTHER. But do we really realize that the term helping is not always in the best interests of the society. ‘Obvious’ would definitely be the wrong term to describe the thin line that exists between THE SOCIAL AND THE ANTI-SOCIAL. The social: what we ideally should be; and the anti-social: what we actually are most of the time, due to the undeniable natural tendency of human beings.

Pentest iOS Tools
by Juan Manuel Altamirano Argudo
Mobile devices are an attractive platform for hackers, they can be the target but they can also be used as a weapon. Currently, today’s mobile devices are not just simple devices, they are a dualcore computer in your pocket, and we can take advantage of this power and portability. Now we can use it for such tasks such as penetration testing. There are a lot of tools that we know well from use on PC’s. We are now seeing them being ported and running in on iOS devices


April 19, 2022
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