Download FileHakin9_08_2012.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download POWER IN THE DATA CENTER: STANDARDS & PRACTICES by Richard Batka First it should be said that all power is basically the same. The power that makes things run at work is the same power that runs things at home. At home you use 120V single phase low line power [120 V * 24 AMP = 280 VA or 2.8KVA]. At the data center you use 208V single phase high line power [208 V * 24 AMP = 4992 VA or 4.9 KVA] Pushing higher volts is more energy efficient and can actually deliver more power. Data centers can be supported with something called three phase power. In this case 208 VOLTS are pushed through 13.8 AMPS x 3 which provides 8611 VA or 8.6 KVA. The use of 3-Phase power is becoming more popular because of its ability to....

April 19, 2022
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