Download FileHakin9_10_2012_digest.rar Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Hakin9 Readers! We’ve come up with quite a treat for you for the weekend! Look through our Pre-Premiere Hacking Oracle Issue 10/2012. What’s in the issue? ORACLE DATABASE SECURITY Oracle’s Achilles’ Heel – Attack, Defense and Forensic Response in A Distributed Database Estate By Paul Wright This article will highlight one of the main security weaknesses in Oracle Databases, it will then demonstrate a solution to this weakness and finally show how native auditing can be used to forensically identify the presence of this attack in a large distributed estate using a centralized syslog audit trail. Security in an Oracle Database By Andreas Chatziantoniou This article shows how the various security features of the Oracle database work and how you should deal with your data in a secure way. Chatziantoniou discusses how to secure data at rest and how to prevent....

August 20, 2021
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