Hacking Career Jumpstart


Download FileHacking Career Jumpstart.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Dear Readers,  This time we wanted to create something that will give an initial boost for those who are just starting their hacking careers, and that’s why we prepared an issue full of tutorials and case studies - everything on beginner and intermediate level. Let’s dive into it! We start off with Hacking Techniques for Beginners - a lengthy and very helpful article covering techniques every hacker must know! Then we drift off to Nmap with A Detailed and Friendly Introduction to Network Scanning with Nmap - the title speaks for itself!  If you’re in need of a reliable source of information about Metasploit, we present to you two articles that will get you covered: Manual Pentesting? Automate it with Metasploit Framework! and Explo!t: A View on MS17-10 and its Application. To help you expand your hacking skills....

April 19, 2022


Magdalena Jarzębska
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