Download FileHES_01_2011_new.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Cracking Java Applications Using AOP exploits (part 1) By Daniel Drozdzewski Aspect Oriented Programming is a paradigm that aims to modularise software further by the separation of crosscutting concerns. Daniel will show us the basics of AOP and a simple, yet powerful idea behind the exploit. Smashing the Stack By Mariano Graxziano and Marco Balduzzi For decades hackers have discovered and exploited the most concealed programming bugs. But how is it possible to leverage a buffer overflow to compromise software in modern operating systems? Mariano and Marco will introduce us to the basic principles of code exploitation. We will see what happens when a process is executed or terminated, and how a buffer overflow vulnerability can be leveraged to execute malicious code.  Defending Software: Protecting Your Software Against Exploiters By Gary S. Milefsky For many years, software development has been formalized....

April 19, 2022
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