Drone Hacking: Exploitation and Vulnerabilities


Download FileDrone Hacking- Exploitation and Vulnerabilities.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Dear readers, Drones are a growing threat to law enforcement and security specialists. Low-cost and easy to use, drones can carry out surveillance, capture data, or disrupt networks. Making matters worse, drones are hard to detect and defeat. Their growing popularity is proportional to the number of exploits found in UAVs by hackers. In this edition, we would like to focus on the strong and weak points of drones. What are their vulnerabilities, how to exploit them? On the other hand, you will see what steps to take to secure your UAV. Let’s see what’s inside! The first part of this edition is focused on vulnerabilities and exploits that can be found in a UAV. In the article Exploring Security Vulnerabilities of UAV, you will learn how attacks such as Man-in-the-Middle can affect your device (there....

April 19, 2022


Hakin9 TEAM
Hakin9 is a monthly magazine dedicated to hacking and cybersecurity. In every edition, we try to focus on different approaches to show various techniques - defensive and offensive. This knowledge will help you understand how most popular attacks are performed and how to protect your data from them. Our tutorials, case studies and online courses will prepare you for the upcoming, potential threats in the cyber security world. We collaborate with many individuals and universities and public institutions, but also with companies such as Xento Systems, CATO Networks, EY, CIPHER Intelligence LAB, redBorder, TSG, and others.
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