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Let us present our latest issue entitled DdoS Attacks and Protection. Inside, you will find a few interesting tutorials that will help you develop your skills. Our experts prepared 11 articles in which they aim to familiarize you with various attacks and defence techniques. Now you have the chance to read sample articles from this issue.


Antonio Ierano
DDoS and The Internet

There is always a lot to say about security and The Internet. A different form of an attack or a threat comes out to the public attention and is overexposed by media and vendor marketing.
One truth we should always remember is that there are a lot of different attacks and, from time to time, one or another rises up or peaks due to several circumstances: political, environmental, technological or economical. There will be always a bunch of different technologies misused to perform the attack on the net…

Azi Ronen
Cloud-based DdoS Protection Services

In recent years Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become a mainstream threat to businesses, governmental agencies and critical infrastructure worldwide. DDoS attacks have grown in complexity, volume and sophistication. 65 percent of IT security practitioners surveyed recently reported experiencing an average of three DDoS attacks in the past 12 months…

Neha Malik
Layer 7: Application Level DdoS

Typically, a Denial of Service (DoS) condition occurs when a server or network resource is unable to service legitimate requests made to it, and therefore unable to perform a function it was designed to. DoS attacks have been around for some time, with the earliest attacks being dated to the first half of 1970’s. This type of attack started out as an avenue for hackers to establish status in underground communities. However, these have evolved into far more sophisticated and dangerous forms that are directed at specific targets for a number of reasons, not excluding cyber-terrorism, corporate rivalry, hacktivism and even exhortation…


August 20, 2021
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