• Pros and cons of partial passwords in web applications
    Darek Łysyszyn
    Almost every web application requires some kind of authorization. Most of them use user password authorization. And most of time one is forced to type full password. Is this solution convenient Probably yes. Is it secure? Not quite. There are few solutions of authorization by password. Let’s consider one of them called partial passwords.

  • Target Attacks via Email
    Pedro Bueno
    After the lecture of this article we will be able to understand how the target attacks by email work, what are their targets and what are the malwares used. We will also see how easy it is to create an exploit based on public information.

  • Spyware Threat Invades BlackBerry App World
    Mayank Aggarwal
    Lately, Google’s Android Market has attracted the attention of the security community for not vetting or ensuring the authenticity of the applications posted on its app market. Earlier this year, the Junos Pulse Global Threat Center team performed a thorough analysis of the Android Market and unveiled numerous malware applications disguised as utilities or game applications. Since then, several research studies of the malicious nature of applications on Android Market have surfaced and all the studies concluded that the Android Market has been hosting a large number of malicious applications, which forced Google to enforce a Remote Kill switch for the malicious applications.

  • Open WiFi and Firesheep
    Joseph Webster
    Recently there’s been a lot of commotion in the press about a new threat to privacy at open WiFi hotspots known by the humorous moniker Firesheep. What’s new about Firesheep isn’t the exploit – HTTP session hijacking has been well known for years – it’s that Firesheep is a simple Firefox plug-in that is available to anyone and requires no technical expertise to utilize. In other words it allows anyone with Firefox and Firesheep to be a hacker. No experience required.

  • Cybercrime and Cyberwar Predictions for 2011
    Gary Miliefsky
    In my last article, I showed you where to find some of the best and mostly untapped resources available to improve your personal computer and network security posture. In this article, I will share with you some great resources on researching trends of Cybercrime and Cyberwar and from my own research my conclusions on what is coming our way in 2011.

  • Sharing Malware
    There is a lot of malware out there, and a lot of people interested in analyzing what they can find. Commercial services, friendly alliances, and others set up to collect and share those samples. Is this a good idea?

  • The Social Web Threat
    Julian Evans


July 15, 2019
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