Download FileH9__Cyberbiosecurity.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Dear Readers, In the August issue of Hakin9 Magazine, we craved to bring you closer to the mysterious topic of Cyberbiosecurity. It is an emerging area interfusing the matters of biomedical engineering, cybersecurity, vulnerable biodata, and many more.  As a hacker, pentester, engineer, or enthusiast in another similar background, you probably mostly encounter regular cybersecurity topics that do not necessarily touch on biodata. However, due to the times we live in, it is pivotal to turn to this topic since we unwittingly generate biomedical information. And this, like any other type of data, is susceptible to all kinds of vulnerabilities.  For instance, if you have ever engaged in a blood donation, or a use of a smartwatch, smartband, or any device that gathers facts about the processes occurring in your body, you will surely get your neurons excited about our....

September 6, 2022


Agata Staszelis
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