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We would like to introduce completelly free issue of Hakin9 Open. This time you will  learn how to use BackTrack with web application penetration tests. You will also read how to use Metasploit, and get knowledge about cyber wallet with an article “Digital Wallet – The New Way of Exchanging Money?” which will allow you to understand what exactly it is, and how to secure it to make your transfers safe. For those ones who are interested in their company’s security we have prepared a special section with articles “Why Hire a Hacker?”, and “How Could Organisations Leverage Open-Source Intelligence To Gain More Insight Into Their Cyber Threats?”.
We hope our articles written by experts will expand your knowledge, and let you become a IT security professionals.
Enjoy your time with Hakin9!

PenTesting with BackTrack

Web Application Penetration Testing With Backtrack
By Prabhakaran Nair, CEH, ECSA, CHFI, OPST, OPSA 
Industries always prefer for open source tools that basically used for penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of Web Applications .First choice for penetration tester is Backtrack and latest version is kali. Backtrack is a operating system that consist some  open source tool which is built in different languages such as python,perl and ruby which offer better results from Web Application penetration testing prospect.In My Article i am going to cover most of the tool which is used for Web Application Penetration Testing.

How a Vulnerability Exploitation Works?
By Jorge Mario,  Awareness & Security Researcher
In the follow article, We reveal step by step how a vulnerability exploitation works using the free powerful port scanner Nmap and the exploitation tool Metasploit Framework MSF, booth integrated under same graphical user interface; Armitage easy GUI managing for all users.

Meta-Fast AND Meta-Furious – A quick hands-on description through the hacking cicle using Armitage and the metasploit framework
By Gabriel Lazo Canazas, eCPPT, CPTE, LA 27001
It’s not that easy for a beginner to grasp the concepts of the Metasploit framework and it’s several tools and tweaks. There is a lot of material in hacking techniques, advanced auxiliary modules, cool tips and strategies but throughout the classes I teach, there is always at least one student asking for a quick reference in Armitage to start understanding the Metasploit suite. That’s why I decided to write this article, in order to help those pentesting starters and give them a hint of the true Metasploit power.

How to Secure Your Company?

Why Hire a Hacker?
By Dominique Karg, Chief Hacking Officer at AlienVault
Before I start this article I would just like to clarify that I’m not advocating the hiring of computer criminals. If you are being held to ransom by someone claiming to have control of your infrastructure, and demanding payment to ‘prevent further damage or exposure’, then you need to contact the relevant authorities. However, if you want to prevent said criminals hijacking your systems then perhaps a ‘hacker’ is exactly the person you need for the job! At AlienVault, we pride ourselves in working with ‘hackers’ and having them as part of our team to ensure we provide the best service to our customers.

How Could Organisations Leverage Open-Source Intelligence To Gain More Insight Into Their Cyber Threats?
By Laurent Mathieu, CISSP, Information Security Consultant 
It seems to me that many organisations, including some of the largest ones, do not sufficiently utilise the open-source intelligence capabilities available online in order to gain further insight into their own cyber security threats. By adopting even basic techniques, organisations may be able to improve their detection time and responsiveness to at least some of their cyber threats.

How to Hack Cyber Wallet?

Digital Wallet – The new way of exchanging money?
By Alexandre S. Cezar, CISSP, Information Security Consultant and Project Manager 
This article intends to introduce  the reader the concept of Digital Wallets, to show some interesting approaches that are being used to secure them and discuss the associated risks, tools for exploitation and techniques to secure your Digital Wallet.

Hakin9_OPEN_04_2013_1 (1).rar

August 20, 2021
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