Download FileHakin9_EN_on_demand_05_20121.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download 1. Hacking Attacks – How and Why By Vikas Kumar In this age of prolific Internet use, a major concern that has emerged among webmasters and web hosts alike is the threat of hacking. Originally referring to the process of learning programming languages and computer systems, the term ‘hacking’ has now evolved to mean the practice of bypassing a computer system/network’s security (used interchangeably with the term ‘cracking,’ depending on the motivation). 2. Overload Attacks By Dusko Pijetlovic In an overload attack, a shared resource or service is overloaded with requests so the system is unable to fulfill new service requests because computers can only handle a finite load. 3. Hacking Web Services – What pentesters should look for? By Arpit Bajpai and Amit Ranjan Attacks on web services have lead to compromise of millions of user accounts, unavailability of critical operations, fraudulent....

April 19, 2022
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