1. Hacking Attacks – How and Why
By Vikas Kumar
In this age of prolific Internet use, a major concern that has emerged among webmasters and web hosts alike is the threat of hacking. Originally referring to the process of learning programming languages and computer systems, the term ‘hacking’ has now evolved to mean the practice of bypassing a computer system/network’s security (used interchangeably with the term ‘cracking,’ depending on the motivation).

2. Overload Attacks
By Dusko Pijetlovic
In an overload attack, a shared resource or service is overloaded with requests so the system is unable to fulfill new service requests because computers can only handle a finite load.

3. Hacking Web Services – What pentesters should look for?
By Arpit Bajpai and Amit Ranjan
Attacks on web services have lead to compromise of millions of user accounts, unavailability of critical operations, fraudulent transactions and trust degradation. So, it’s now time for security community to gear up against threats in web services also.

4. ipv6_surface_analyzer
By Vinod Mondhekar

IPv 6 is a version of IP after succeeds of IPv4. Just like IPv4, IPv6 is an internet-layer protocol for packet-switched internetworking. While IPv4 uses 32 bits for an IP address, and therefore has 232 (4 294 967 296) possible addresses that are given below, IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses, for an address space of 2128 (approximately 3.4×1038) addresses that are given below…

5. Hardened Gentoo Linux
By Alex Efros
Hardened Gentoo Linux is probably most secure Linux distribution. Any server or workstation using Gentoo can be easily upgraded to Hardened, and I see no reasons to continue using non-hardened Gentoo!

6. Building performance tests with Open Source
By Juan Jesús Prieto
The new generation of networking equipment needs to cover the performance expectations needed in current networks, but the equipment needed to do the testing is extremely expensive. Here is were Open Source can help us, using high end but commercial off the shelve (COTS) hardware, and bit of hacking and scripting.

7. About Denial of Service: a modern attack
By Luca Pizziniaco
The denial of service attack is the most famous internet attack performed by hackers and described sometime by the newspaper. Some of the most actives hackers group using this kind of attack for political ends are the Anonymous. In this paper we would like to describe some used methods, famous, and in some cases still used.

8. The Art of Denial
By David Perry
It’s pretty clear to most people by now that antivirus software just isn’t doing the job. Not only can you not tell if it’s a three percent success or a ninety percent success, this measurement is simply impossible to determine. The reasons are also obvious. It is a tool left over from another time, and although it still has its uses, it simply isn’t suited to being your major line of defense. It’s not up to the job.

9. MySQL with ClouSE is the first Secure Database in the Cloud
By Artem Livshits
Want to learn how you can store your sensitive data in the cloud storage? Take a look at the thorough and honest security analysis of the approach you can take to deploy your existing MySQL workloads to cloud.

10. Quick Tutorial on SQL Database Programming with Web Applications, Part 2
By Wade Hamp
No tutorial on SQL database programming would be complete without a discussion on how to connect to a SQL database from a web application using Today, many people connect to their bank and investment information over the internet. This would not be possible without some form of web application.

11. The Jester’s QR Code Honey-Pot
By Timothy Coleman and Brittany Minder 
With an exclamation of “TANGO DOWN” heralding another completed hacking escapade, the Jester, or as he is known by his Twitter handle, th3j35t3r, is a self-described “greyhat hacker,” known for targeting and taking down militant Jihadist websites. The Jester’s real identity is not known, leading to speculation and attempts to “out” the identity and background behind the sophisticated exploits.


July 15, 2019
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