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We would like to introduce a new issue made by Hakin9. This time you will deal with C++ Code and Python. You will learn how to conduct an audit with using C++ Code analysis. You can compare it with offensive programming with python. For sure after reading our step-by-step tutorials you will become a professional auditor. You will get to know how to analyze source code to find vulnerabilities which will help you to protect your websites and applications.
This time you will find a reach section Extra with articles about Payment Cards, Hardware Hacking and Evidence Analysis.
We hope you will like it!


Advanced C++ Code Analysis

C++ – Introduction To Code Analysis And Audit
By Bamidele Ajayi, OCP, MCTS, MCITP EA, CISA, CISM
As a security professional code analysis and auditing is an essential task to unravel flaws and vulnerabilities. Analysis and auditing also sheds more light into what the code is actually doing.This article introduces you to the basics you need to know before embarking on source code audit and analysis with emphasis on C++.

C++ Code Analysis
By Mohmmed AlAbbadi, CISSP, CCSP, Deliver Meticulous Information Security Consultancy & Management Analysis for Decision Support, IS Influencer
Have you ever wanted to have a superpower? What was yours? The ability to fly? Blow fire? Disappear? Stop time or even go back in time? Run faster? Or be bulletproof? Mine was always the ability to scan objects and see what others couldn’t see, the X-ray vision. Frankly, I wanted it for two reasons: one that was good and the other that was “wak”. The first was to help people by finding (and sometimes fixing) problems-yet-to-happen-in-the-future before their manifestation. For example, scan a car to find out that the brakes don’t work and tell the car owner before he/she drives it. The other reason was to find people’s vulnerabilities (like a knee injury) to defend myself if I got attacked or bullied.

Offensive Python

Offesive Python
By Kris Kaspersky, Reverse Engineering Expert, International Author
Python was created for fun, but evil hackers use it for profit. Why Python is a new threat for security industry and how tricky Lucifer’s kids are – let’s talk about it.


Having Fun With Antennas And Why You Need To Make Your Own
By Guillaume Puyo, Security researcher at EURA NOVA
Antennas (antennae for the serious people and entomologists) are the most omnipresent and the most misunderstood pieces of tech we all have, and yet, as everything keeps getting smaller and smaller they remain one of the few hacker friendly items we can tinker with. In these few pages, let’s have a first basic approach on how they work, learn what’s cool about them and get ready to build our own!

Payment Card Security
By Marios Andreou, Security Consultant
There are many standards ensuring minimum level of protection to sensitive information such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which protects the cardholder’s data (CHD), Data Protection Act, FSA regulations for financial information and ISO-27001 the information security Management standard. These standards are built to be more generic helping organisations deal with security risks and not to protect them from all security threats. Therefore, this article focuses on PCI DSS and what can be done and what approach must be followed by the experts to ensure security of information not just compliance with PCI DSS.

Evidence Analysis
By Mudit Sethia, Digital Evidence Analyst
Welcome back to the Novice approach to Evidence Analysis !! By putting the title to be one of being a novice, I really mean it to be novice – simple,straight and as it is . There can be no alteration done to the elementary alphabets ABCD … Agreed ?? [btw I know the other 22 alphabets as well ;) ]

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April 19, 2022
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