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Dear Readers,

We are happy to share our Hakin9 special edition composed of the most intriguing and exciting articles published in our monthly editions in 2022! In this ‘Best of 2022’, you will find those pieces of knowledge which spiked the most interest and gained top feedback from our dear readers!

Here, you will read excellent articles on the most important and leading topics in the past few months. Those will definitely still stay relevant in 2023, so you should surely read them if you haven’t already. 

Learn how to stop ransomware and how to secure your smart home! Apart from that, read about smart cities, cyberbiosecurity, Raspberry Pi, and many more! Dive in this H9 edition compiling the most compelling topics of 2022!

Stay safe,

Hakin9 Editorial Team


Weaponizing Raspberry Pi with the PenTesters Framework

Daniel Dieterle

Cyberbiosecurity: A New Context for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Dr. Anthony Caldwell

Smart Cities: Security, Resiliency, and Privacy

Chrissa Constantine

Metasploit from Scratch

Mtro. Jorge Vázquez del Río

Stop Ransomware in its Tracks using Filtering and Deception

Kevin Cardwell

What is a Privacy Red Team?

Gabriel Carvalhaes

Securing a Smart Home

Mohammady Arvin & Oganezov Alexandre

Basic Bettercap

Atlas Stark

Gobuster - Brute force tool for hackers

Michael Sommer & Thorn Deil

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) flaws and focus on Blind XSS

Roberto Chemama & Antoine Planque


January 31, 2023
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