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We are pleased that the new edition of Hakin9 Magazine just hit upon your computers, tablets, smartphones and e-book readers. This brand new issue will focus on, interesting for all, theme which is the Advanced Malware Analysis.

Setting Up Your Own Malware Analysis Lab
By Monnappa KA
GREM, CEH; Information Security Investigator – Cisco CSIRT at Cisco Systems

With new malware attacks making news everyday and compromising company’s network and critical infrastructures around the world, malware analysis is critical for anyone who responds to such incidents. In this article you will learn to setup a safe environment to analyze malicious software and understand its behaviour.



Evidence Analysis: The Novice Approach
By Mudit Sethia
Digital Evidence Analyst

Technology as it takes a leap with every next second, also calls for a leap in the security concern. The lack of awareness and the lack of legal infrastructure involved, calls in turn, for a breach of security, though unsolicited. And then there are all those black hat guys -intruders, hackers, cyber criminals wanting to enter into systems, hack databases, create backdoors and gain access

Glimpse of Static Malware Analysis
By Ali A. AlHasan
MCSE, CCNA, CEH, CHFI,CISA, ISO 27001 Lead auditor

Internet has become an essential part on our day-to-day life. We are using it to communicate, exchange information, perform bank transaction, etc. Researchers are working around the clock to expand this service and optimize it. Hackers on the other hand are leveraging this crucial service to perform cybercrime activities such as stealing credit cards.

Hybrid Code Analysis versus State of the Art Android Backdoors
By Jan Miller
Reverse Engineering, Static Binary Analysis and Malware Signature algorithms specialist at Joe Security LLC

Mobile Malware is evolving… can the good guys beat the new challenges?
Mainstream usage of handheld devices running the popular Android OS is the main stimulation for mobile malware evolution. The rapid growth of malware and infected Android application package (APK) files found on the many app stores is an important new challenge for mobile IT security.

Next Generation of Automated Malware Analysis and Detection
By Tomasz Pietrzyk
Systems Engineer at FireEye

In the last ten years, malicious software – malware – has become increasingly sophisticated, both in terms of how it is used and what it can do. This rapid evolution of malware is essentially a cyber “arms race” run by organizations with geopolitical agendas and profit motives. The resulting losses for victims have run to billions of dollars.

Advanced Malware Detection using Memory Forensics
By Monnappa KA
GREM, CEH; Information Security Investigator – Cisco CSIRT at Cisco Systems

Memory Forensics is the analysis of the memory image taken from the running computer. In this article, we will learn how to use Memory Forensic Toolkits such as Volatility to analyze the memory artifacts with practical real life forensics scenarios. Memory forensics plays an important role in investigations and incident response.

Android.Bankun And Other Android Obfuscation Tactics: A new Malware Era
By Nathan Collier
Senior Threat Research Analyst w Webroot Software

There’s one variant of Android.Bankun that is particularly interesting to me. When you look at the manifest it doesn’t have even one permission. Even the most simple apps have at least internet permissions. Having no permissions isn’t a red flag for being malicious though. In fact, it may even make you lean towards it being legitimate.

Operation Mayhem a.k.a. Obama’s Attack
By Kris Kaspersky
Reverse Engineering Expert, International Author

In March of 2013 hackers dropped the biggest cyber-bomb, posting the credit reports of highprofile people such as Michele Obama, Robert Miller (FBI Director) and many others.



Cyber Terror – Take-Down (The Attackers Toolkit)
By Prof. John Walker
FBCS CITP CISM MFSoc ITPC MIoD; CTO at Ascot Barclay Cyber Security Group

Within the last decade society has embraced computing, but one could go as far to say, they have also become overfamiliar with technology to both support, and drive their personal, and business lives – but one may also further suggest, this has actually led to over-dependency on the underpinning protocols, wires, airways which support the multiple layers of technological infrastructures.


April 19, 2022
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prabhat jain
2 years ago

why am I not allowed to download this magazine

Hakin9 TEAM
2 years ago
Reply to  prabhat jain

This edition is under premium section. It means that only subscribers can download it. If you have a subscription contact us so we can resolve the problem.

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