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With this very new issue of Hakin9′s StarterKit E-BOOK we would like to give you 210 pages of knowledge about Password Cracking. It is dedicated to those who are newbies in this area and want to start their amazing adventure with hacking.With our articles written by experts you will learn how to crack passwords in different ways. After reading it you will get a basic knowledge which will help you rise your skills to a higher level and to become a proffesional hacker in the future. In this issue you will find step-by-step tutorials about tools and techniques which you can use to crack a password. You will also get knowledge on how to secure your password, and how to prevent attacks. We hope our StarterKit will turn you into a professional IT Security Specialists! Enjoy the reading!

Inside or new E-BOOK you will find 20 articles written by our experts:

Password Threats Explained

By Tony Lee, Scientist at FireEye, Inc.

Dennis Hanzlik, Director at FireEye, Inc. There are many variables in password security, and implementing a strong password policy requires understanding the nuances of password security. This article is designed to cover the common questions and concerns that we hear from clients, both executives and system administrators alike.

An Introduction to Password Cracking

By Jugal Parikh, Security Researcher at Symantec Corporation, C|EH, SCJP

Test based passwords have dominated human-computer authentication systems since the 1960’s. People use passwords to log in to their online bank accounts, email accounts, online shopping, social networking websites and a lot of other password protected applications used for completing mundane activities. Obviously, passwords are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting our personal information from getting exploited by people with malicious intent.

The Basics of Password Cracking

By Ashok Kumar, Security Analyst

Password plays vital role on this digital era as we know which came to use in ancient days. It’s also known as Pass Code, Secret Code or PIN, it is just secret phrase or word user for authentication. Passwords are used on our day-to-day life to protect us from unauthorized access of our e-mail, user accounts, websites, ATM cards, online banking, hardware’s like wireless modem, mobile phones and so on.

A Novice’s Guide to Password Cracking

By Alexandru Apostol, Professional Penetration Tester

This article aims to introduce the reader to the vast field of Password Cracking. Firstly the basics of encryption, hashing and salting are covered followed by a dive in the techniques, software and hardware used to recover passwords.

Password Cracking – A Quick Guide To Success

By Iulian Cazangiu, Senior Sales Representative la ETA2U

This article will give you an insight on password cracking and you will learn the basic approaches of this process. If you are new to this subject you will see that this article was meant to help you understand better the principles of password hacking.

The Quandaries of Password Use

By Paul Mavrovic, President at Netlogic Security, CISSP

Throughout history there have been times where secrets have had to be conveyed to people. The methodologies used throughout the years have changed but the expected result was the same. Get a message from point A to point B securely so that critical information can reach its intended audience. Passwords and cryptography go hand in hand in the sense that a password is the key that unlocks a mechanism to get at an object or some form of information.

Password Cracking: Principles and Practical Approach

By Marios Andreou, Junior Security Consultant at Red Island Consulting  Yannis Pistolas, MSc Postgraduate in Information Security at Royal Holloway, University of London

This article aims to demonstrate fundamental password principles and to present different password cracking techniques, such as brute-force and dictionary attacks. Several password cracking tools are presented and tested in order to recover passwords. The final phase is to analyze their results.

Cracking Windows 8 Password

By Matias Ruben Iacobuzo, Security Reasercher at HP

I can write about anything related to Crack (passwords) Linux Security (Metasploit, Meterpreter, Kali, Backtrack) Windows Security (Password, users, specific programs for security) Android. Currently I have a report on how to hack a Samsung S4 with Metasploit (difficulty: medium)

Rainbow Tables Showdown

By Prakhar Prasad , The founder of Security Pulse, web application security researcher and penetration tester, OSCP

Traditional Password cracking tools use a technique called brute force attack, in which the hash to be cracked is taken and then compared with a dictionary of commonly used passwords or permutation based in which all combinations are tried. In this process every word is converted into a hash and then the generated hash to be cracked is compared with the hash to be cracked. Hence this process is very time-consuming for complex passwords.

Password Cracking

By Vineet Bhardwaj, Cyber Security Analyst at Lucideus Tech Pvt Ltd.

How to do password cracking? Tools of password cracking, Brute Forcing, How to secure your password from hackers?

GPU Powered Password Cracking Ninjutsu: White Belt

By John Doe

Welcome to password cracking ninjutsu: white belt. My goal here is to provide you with enough knowledge to get a great start. This article will by no means teach everything there is to know about password cracking. We will first look at setting up an environment, then we will look at one of my favorite password cracking tools, Hashcat.

Reevaluating Passwords Strength Using GPUs

By Roi Lipman, Software architecture at AVG

Without knowing much about security, it is obvious that passwords which fall under any of the above patterns are considered weak from a human perspective they are simply easy to guess, from a machine point of view well let us consider some passwords properties.

Password Cracking Techniques

By Gaurav Pawaskar, Software Security Researcher and Developer at Symantec Rohit Pitke, Software Engineer and Security Researcher

Password is the most important way by user can establish identity with Website. Securing password is hence of paramount importance from the perspective of a user and Web application developer. We will be discussing a few ways by which passwords are stolen by an attacker and then defenses one should put in place to safeguard passwords.

Break The Wall – Password Cracking Technique  By Jatin Jain, Information Security Engineer at Fidelity National Information Services

Password is most common way to use for authentication and make difference between authorized and unauthorized user. What if password can be guessed/cracked/retrieved easily?

Password: The Problem for security Of Each And Every Person

By Bikash Dash, Cyber Crime Investigator at ICTTF – International Cyber Threat Task Force, RHCSA, RHCE, CSSA

One of the principal characters in The Matrix Reloaded is the Keymaker. The Keymaker is critically important; he is protected by the Matrix and sought by Neo, because he makes and holds the keys to the various parts of the Matrix.

Password Cracking

By Prasad Bhave, Information Security Engineer at Paladion Networks, ECSA, CEH

Authentication is the act of confirming the truth of an entity. A username and password combination is used for user authentication to prove identity or to gain access to a resource.

Passphrases: Apocalyps of Paswords

By Amir Roknifard, Information Security Expert, CISSP, CCNP, MSCE Security

We are living in a world, which our life is twisted with technology. Technology helps us to shine our life and make it easier and more fascinating. We use it when we want to talk to our beloved ones over the distance, or when we want to make a job done in the minimum possible time or when we want to control our financial accounts. For sure we need to secure not some but all of them.

Password cracking: Proving Your Login Insecure (or Not)

By Nicola. Gobbo, Security Consultant at Reply Senad Aruc, Senior Security Specialist at Reply, CEH, CRM, ISO9001, ISO17799  Daniele Vitali, Senior Manager at Reply

“Please, enter your username and password”. In our digital life we read this request many times a day, for example while accessing our e-mail portal, the bank account, facebook and any other web-service that, in order to deliver the tailored experience we are used to, needs to know the answer to a simple question: “who are you?”

Password Cracking: Crack the Hack!

By Sudeep Singh, Trainee at Lucideus (LCCSA)

Tired of forgotten passwords? You want to do some very important work but unable to access your system because you don’t know the correct password or someone might have changed your password! Well don’t get panic, this article is the perfect solution of your problem. How? Just check it out.

Web Application Password Cracking Techniques and Mechanisms

By Nipun Jaswal, Independent IT Security Consultant & Researcher, CEH, CISE , OSWP

Web Applications become sophisticated and troublesome when are flawless implemented, in this guide to cracking password of web applications, we will see how we can attack the web apps for authentication testing, and in most of the times it’s considered as the last resort to gain success over a web app penetration test.


April 19, 2022
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