Backend Database Hacking - Workshop eBook


Download FileBackend Database Hacking.pdfBackend Database Hacking.epub Please login or Register to access downloadables Download If you are not a subscriber and want to buy this magazine click here Welcome to the course of “database hacking”. In this workshop, we will be extremely focused on talking about tricks and techniques used for hacking into databases and underlying operating system. We will also lay down the general and core concepts for understanding the databases, like how they work, why they are used and what are the known vulnerabilities or weaknesses to exploit and gain illegitimate access. Microsoft SQL Server and MYSQL server are the two main database servers we will be discussing. However, we will also cover general hacking tricks that can be used in order to hack into any backend database servers. We will consider if live hacking sessions are possible in a live environment which can be shown so that....

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7 years ago

Thank you for the documents I would like to see more stuff on database security.

mayank savita
8 years ago

i want to learn hacking

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