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You are going to read FREE ARTICLES from Advanced Exploits with Metasploit issue. While the tittle may suggest that the publication is solely devoted to one specific topic, there are various articles assisting one leading subject of the issue. You will have the chance to read about Exploitation of Hash Functions, Building a Successful Disaster Recovery Program and Dr.Web solutions for Android.

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Exploitation of Hash Functions
By Deepanshu Khanna and Er Laveena Sehgal

The term cryptography is being defined as the method or protocol for developing the security of the information over an insecure channel on which the two parties are communicating. For instance, let’s assume the two parties, which are very famous in the field of cryptography, are ALICE and BOB. Let’s assume Alice wants to communicate or share some information with Bob. The main problem that arises here is how to share the data over such an insecure channel. So, Cryptography comes to the rescue. Hence, cryptography provides us the way to securely (neq 100%) communicate even on the insecure channel.

Dr. Web for Android
By Amit Chugh

The Dr.Web Anti-virus solution keeps your Android mobile safe from known viruses in the Internet. This application is designed to protect the mobile from known threats.
Because of their popularity, Android-based devices are rapidly becoming a target for a surging tide of malware and spyware. The Dr.Web Anti-virus solution ensures that infections are eliminated. It also scans mobile devices for “hidden” malicious data.

Building a Successful Disaster Recovery Program
By Michael Lemire

Today, business is dependent on the continuous availability of technology infrastructure, platforms and services. For this reason, disaster recovery planning continues to gain prominence as a critical part of risk management. This article aims to summarize how to implement a successful disaster recovery program.


August 20, 2021
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