Advanced Exploitation Techniques - Workshop eBook


Download FileAdvanced Exploitation Techniques.pdfAdvanced Exploitation Techniques.epub Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Welcome, to the new course of advanced exploitation techniques. In this course you will be presented with core concepts of hacking by means of exploiting buffer overflows with end-to-end walkthrough of exploitation for a known vulnerability. In today’s world of information security wars, it is important, or we can say mandatory, for security professionals to gain more advanced knowledge and keep their knowledge up to date. They should also have thorough hands on experience so they can protect their enterprise’s information for which they are hired. It’s not for beginners as we expect that you already have a basic understanding of concepts presented in this course. Keep in mind that this course is presented solely for educational purposes and not for any unethical act or any type of cyber crime. This workshop is not designed from....

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