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to the new course of advanced exploitation techniques. In this course you will be presented with core concepts of hacking by means of exploiting buffer overflows with end-to-end walkthrough of exploitation for a known vulnerability. In today’s world of information security wars, it is important, or we can say mandatory, for security professionals to gain more advanced knowledge and keep their knowledge up to date. They should also have thorough hands on experience so they can protect their enterprise’s information for which they are hired. It’s not for beginners as we expect that you already have a basic understanding of concepts presented in this course. Keep in mind that this course is presented solely for educational purposes and not for any unethical act or any type of cyber crime. This workshop is not designed from scratch, however, if you are a newbie and don’t know much on how to setup your home environment for practicing hacking skills, don’t worry, the last module is dedicated to newbies where you can learn how to setup your home lab and what additional knowledge you need to progress in cyber security and ethical hacking.

This e-book contains text materials from the course.


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 While studying this course you would be learning how to discover vulnerabilities and write a working exploit. You will also learn about egg hunters; how they work and why we need them. You will also gain knowledge on types of shellcode and what they are designed for. At the minimum, you will learn a handful of skills and techniques to start your career into security research where you can work to discover vulnerabilities in Windows based applications working on TCP/IP. The best part of the course is that you will learn step-by-step techniques to perform vulnerability research and then start coding a working exploit for the discovered vulnerability.

Module 1

Deep diving into Buffer Overflows 

● Tutorial 1 – Hello World, let’s fuzzing

● Exercise 1 – Hacking FTP Server

● Exercise 2 – Coding working exploit

Module 2

Understanding Egg Hunting

● Tutorial 1 – Hello World, let’s hunting with Eggs!

● Tutorial 2 – Implementing Egg hunters

● Exercise 1 – & Egg hunters

Module 3

Walkthrough of Egg hunting with known Vulnerability

● Tutorial 1 – Boiling the egg

● Exercise 1 – Mixing Egg hunter

Module 4

Case Studies on Advanced Exploiting Techniques

● Tutorial 1 – Hello World, some history

● Case Study – PCManFTPD

● Case Study – Meterpreter & PCManFTPD Vulnerability

● Case Study - Exploit Development & Metasploit

● Exercise 1 – Find the rabbit’s foot

Module 5

What you should know best to Advance your Hacking Skills

● Tutorial 1 – Required Infrastructure

● Summary


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Advanced Exploitation Techniques.pdf
Advanced Exploitation Techniques.epub

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