4Mona.py and Exploit Development on the Edge - Workshop eBook


Download FileHakin9 (1).pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Mona.py and Exploit Development on the Edge Workshop by Raheel Ahmad. You will learn how to discover vulnerabilities in the windows based applications by use of Metasploit and Mona.py and how to build exploits modules and explore more features of Mona.py with Immunity Debugger.   INSIDE   Module 1– Setup your own lab Pre-requisites What will be covered What will not be covered What you will learn Basic Knowledge Setup Exploit Development Environment Installing Windows XP on Virtual Box Vulnerable App Immunity Debugger Mona.py Plugin Exploit Coding  Module 2 – Understanding Metasploit and Mona.py Introduction What we will cover Metasploit Exploit Development Fuzzing Controlling Mona.py & Exploit Development Mona.py Usage Comparison of Metasploit & Mona.py Exploit Development Module 3 – Reverse Engineering Remote Exploits and writing our own code Introduction Pre-requisite Downloading the vulnerable Application Vulnerable App 1 Exploit....

April 19, 2022
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