• Prey: A New Hope
      Misplaced your laptop or had it stolen? You are not alone.

    • An introduction to Reverse Engineering: Flash, .NET
      This article is about the demonstration of Reversing of Flash and .NET applications. This is an introductory article showing basics of decompiling/ disassembling. In the first I have chosen to show reversing of Flash files and .NET files and how to patch them.

    • Web Malware – Part 1
      Rajdeep Chakraborty
      The Internet has been plagued by a variety of Malware that use the Web for propagation and as these threats loom around in the Internet it can infect even the smartest and the most tech savvy computer users.

    • Cyber warfare with DNSbotnets
      Francisco Alonso
      Botnets aren’t just a fad or items being sold and purchased like items on ebay, but are becoming carefully designed tools used for cyber war. In this article we will discuss what a Botnet is, and the next generation of Botnets over DNS.

    • Search Engine Security and Privacy
      Rebecca Wynn
      It’s no secret that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN) retain search data and metadata regarding searches. They are open about doing so. What’s unsure, though, is to what extent this creates a long-term threat to information security and privacy. This article briefly reviews what data is retained and stored by these search engines and what readers can do to protect their information.

    • Securing the Cloud: Is it a Paradigm Shift in Information Security?
      Gary Miliefsky
      First let me start by saying No. There’s really nothing new in the Cloud except where risk appears to shift. But does it really? I would argue that it increases your risk and there can be no shift of blame for a successful Cloud attack and breach of confidential data stored in the Cloud. You are ultimately responsible.

    • Radio Frequency-enabled Identity Theft
      A discussion on how radio frequency-enabled technology could leave people vulnerable to identity theft and then potential identity fraud.

    • Intelligence Monopolies
      In general a monopoly is bad for an industry. Prices invariably increase beyond reasonable production costs and innovation stops. It’s a natural law that competition brings about new advances and achievement.

    • Capturing the New Frontier: How To Unlock the Power of Cloud Computing
      So here’s a question: Which IT sector accounts for fully 25% of the industry’s year-over-year growth and, if the same growth trajectories continue, will generate about one-third of the IT industry’s net new growth by 2013?


April 19, 2022
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