• Botnet:The Six Laws And Immerging Command & Control Vectors
      Richard C. Batka
      New BotNet communication vectors are emerging. The industry is not prepared. For the next 20 years, BotNets will be what viruses were for the last 20.

    • Hacking Trust Relationships Part II
      Thomas Wilhelm
      This is the second article in a series of six that covers the topic of hacking trust relationships. This article focuses specifically on Vulnerability Identification against a target system, in order to identify and exploit potential trust relationships.

    • Web Malwares Part II
      Rajdeep Chakraborty
      A three part series about the study of the ever increasing threat of Malwares that uses the Web to propagate

    • Defeating Layer-2 attacks in VoIP
      Abhijeet Hatekar
      ARP Poisoning and other Layer 2 attacks are present since many decades now and one may think that they are absolute. However, we still see them quite often on the network. The biggest advantage is easy access to sensitive information like passwords, credit card details, phone conversations etc.

    • Armoring Malware: Hiding Data within Data
      Israel Torres
      We are receiving malware daily via hundreds of facets that the Internet enables with various services; most common are via e-mail and web surfing.

    • Is Anti-virus Dead The answer is YES. Here’s why…
      Gary S. Miliefsky
      There have been billions of dollars in damages caused by exploiters on the Internet. These exploiters are intelligent cyber terrorists, criminals and hackers who have a plethora of tools available in their war chest – ranging from spyware, rootkits, trojans, viruses, worms, zombies and botnets to various other blended threats. From old viruses to these new botnets, we can categorize them all as malware.

    • Mobile Malware – the new cyber threat
      Julian Evans
      Mobile phone malware first appeared in June 2004 and it was called Cabir. The mobile-phone features at most risk are text messaging (using social engineering), contacts list, video and buffer overflows. GSM, GPS, Bluetooth, MMS and SMS will indeed be some of the attack vector to expect this year and beyond.


April 19, 2022
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