• Datacenter Storage
      Richard C. Batka
      One of the biggest challenges storage managers face is to try and calculate just how much storage is needed by that ultra important, mission critical application in the datacenter.

    • Hacking Trust Relationships
      Thomas Wilhelm
      This article is the first in a series of six, which covers the topic of hacking trust relationships. This first article focuses specifically on Information Gathering against a target system, in order to identify potential trust relationships.

    • Videojaking: Hijacking IP Video Calls
      Abhijeet Hatekar
      Have you ever wondered about the hacking technologies used in Hollywood movies like Ocean’s twelve or The Thomas Crown Affair to steal valuables like diamonds or sculptures?

    • AutoAnalysis Problems
      Florian Eichelberger
      With thousands of malware samples appearing every day 1 , even Anti-Virus companies no longer have the resources to figure out what each new family is doing, let alone every sample.

    • Analyzing Malware & Malicious Content
      Jeremiah Brott
      Malware, short for malicious software, is a piece of software that’s sole purpose and design is to infiltrate or cause damage to a computer system without the owner’s consent.

    • Study of MITM Attacks Against Smartphone Devices
      Mayank Aggarwal
      Let us consider a scenario, where a smartphone user connects to the Internet to determine if the bank transaction is successful or not.

    • Symmetric Secrets
      Tam Hanna
      An article in the last issue of this magazine introduced you to the various forms and applications of cryptography and cryptology.

    • ICQ Forensics
      Florian Eichelberger
      Being around for 14 years, the Mirabilis (now AOL) ICQ Client is probably one of the more widely used Instant Messenger Clients.

    • Cracking SIP
      Ric Messier
      The Session Initiation Protocol has been gaining considerably more use in recent years.

    • Faith in the Format: Unintentional Data Hiding in PDFs
      Matt Davis
      Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) has gained a prominent foothold as a method of distributing text-based and graphic-based information. Its use has become ubiquitous across academic, technical, and governmental institutions and has become one of the forerunners of information dissemination. The success of this format can be thanked, in part, to the designers and their creation of a platform-independent method for rendering text and graphics.

    • APT, Google, China and YOU!
      Matthew Jonkman

    • The Evil Twins – Identity Fraud and Phishing
      Julian Evans
      Identity fraud has been around for decades, but only in recent times with the advent of the Internet and media exposure has it started to become a global issue.

    • Black Hat 2010
      James Broad

    • Security at the Mobile World Congress
      Tam Hanna


April 19, 2022
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