DNS Cache Poisoning by Christopher Makarem


DNS Spoofing is the result of alterations to a DNS server’s records resulting in the malicious redirection of traffic. DNS spoofing can be performed by a direct attack on the DNS server (what we will be talking about here) or through any form of a Man-in-the-Middle attack specifically targeting DNS traffic. DNS Cache spoofing works explicitly in a way that exploits the way in which DNS communication is structure. When a DNS server attempts to perform a lookup on a domain, it will forward the request along to the root authoritative DNS and iteratively proceed down the chain of DNS servers until it reaches the DNS server authoritative over the domain. Since the local DNS server does not know which server is in charge of which domain, and does not know the full route to each authoritative server, it accepts replies to its queries from anywhere so long as the....

February 25, 2019
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