DevSecOps: The New Security Focused Enhancement to DevOps Approach by Nathan McKinley


In recent years, we have seen the IT infrastructure to undergo massive changes. DevSecOps approach has been at the forefront of these changes. By combining both the development and operations team, DevOps helped to scale up and speed up the process. Apart from boosting efficiency and speed, this has played a significant role in strengthening stability. DevOps approach has been particularly beneficial for apps releasing features frequently.  In spite of all these positive aspects, the security aspect of an app has largely remained underserved. This is why DevSecOps has emerged as the most promising and value-driven methodology incorporating security at the product lifecycle besides development and operations components. DevSecOps has already been known to reduce security vulnerabilities while reaping the same advantages of integrating development and operations just as in DevOps.  DevSecOps: Integrating Security with DevOps  When it comes to the integration of security with the DevOps, it boasts of....

October 22, 2019
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Carl Junior
Carl Junior
4 years ago

I liked the content, the topic and what was written, I just wished it was a bit more deeper, I mean, it’s a bit shallow for the complexity of the topic and the amount of open opportunities for the author to explain, link and reference a lot of things.

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