What is the dark web? | IBM Cyber Beat Live 28 June 2016, at 1 p.m. Eastern

Jun 21, 2016

What is the dark web? Finding consensus on the answer to that question is surprisingly challenging. Typically, studies discussing cyber threat and the dark web focus on sites hosted on hidden services within the Tor network. These sites—accessed by URLs ending in “onion”—are only accessible through Tor, an Internet overlay proxy network that users most frequently access with a special browser called the Tor Browser. Tor hidden services are outside the reach of a standard Internet browser and are set up so that both the hosts and the visitors of those sites are anonymous.

While many measures and discussions of the dark web focus on these hidden services, the dark web is bigger than just hidden services. A large number of sites customers classify as the dark web don’t live on Tor at all; they are hosted on the regular Internet and can be accessed from any browser. Often, these sites are simply hosted in countries where running, for example, a marketplace for stolen credit cards is not grounds to be shut down. For instance, many major fraud markets that claim to provide credit cards or bank accounts live, technically, on the clear web, and popular exploit sites exist steadily on even the most common top-level domains, even dot-coms.

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What can we do about the dark web?


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