Cybersecurity In The Time Of Coronavirus by Jessica Bennett

April 15, 2020

When the year began, none of us imagined that in just under three months our lives would change so drastically. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, life as we knew it has changed entirely. And it is affecting many different aspects of life. However, here we are only going to be talking about the kind of havoc the pandemic has on cybersecurity. 

The matter of cybersecurity is a delicate one, with new malware and threats endangering the security of websites on a daily basis. With the changes brought on in our lives by the Coronavirus threat, the cybersecurity sector is also seeing the rise of new types of threats against businesses and individuals. 

 Coronavirus Threats: What Should We Prepare For?

Thanks to the social distancing and quarantine measures taken across the world, most of us are working from home. This increases the risk of business data and threatens the integrity of the business. Every home PC, laptop and mobile device that is being used to access company data is not as secure as the company devices. As a result, hackers have an easier entry point to the company database, and they can easily manipulate the database from there. 

Added to this, there is also another threat that is using the global pandemic fear to manipulate the users. The scam emails and messages with the links are being circulated among users disguised as emails....

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Jenny Astor
Jenny Astor
4 years ago

Thanks, Jessica, Such a great information

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