Cyber Threat with Chat GPT


Repetitive tasks, tons of labor hours going into mundane tasks, delayed response to complex customer queries and lack of real-time customer engagement, are no more, thanks to AI chatbots that help businesses automate the whole process with efficiency and accuracy. ChatGPT – AI Bot Getting More Advanced - From Conversations to Code Generation ChatGPT is an AI-based natural language processing tool, developed for human-like interactions for the purpose of response and assistance. This AI chatbot has the potential to bring millions of dollars in savings in terms of customer costs, time and resources used on content creation. The fact that ChatGPT has crossed 100 million users, and is expected to reach revenue of up to $200 million, makes it one of the most popular and fast-rising AI tools across industries. Initially designed for conversational purposes, the bot has evolved rapidly, accommodating many unique features including generation of sophisticated code. The....

June 15, 2023


Manish Mradul
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Lizzy Agnes
4 days ago

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pizza tower
4 days ago

I’m afraid that Chat GPT will make the private information of many people are stolen

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